The End is Nigh

We are ineffectual headcases

In armored heart war arms races,

Mass producing defense mechanisms

To protect us from nuclear winter frostbite.

If you take off your demron dress

Then I’ll remove my kevlar body bag;

And we’ll make love to stave off

Root rot from lack of blood circulation.

Where have the noble gone,

Who try to protect anyone but themselves.

Someone passed the buck to someone

Who couldn’t give a fuck,

And the whole world paid the price.

So lets rouse the fire of love

With arousing speech that

Provokes eardrums to

Viva la RevoluciĆ³n!

Lets whisper master plans

Into lovers ears,

In back alley brothels

With no pretensions at all.

Naked nocturnal funeral processions

Carve patterns like snowflakes with snowplows

In fallen fall autumn leaves

Till sunrise remakes our masquerade.


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