I believe what I write comes alive


Kissin Fixin

Faces are addicts
Taking in their preferred drug
Lipstick on my neck

It was better than all the movies

Once I forgot my umbrella
And we kissed under the rain
And we kissed in the rain
And we kissed above the puddles
And we kissed the droplets between our lips like a child

Drawn on Design

I hope that by the time my ink dries
It will have gotten on your clothes
And smudged on your skin
So that you will have clothes of
I love you all over

National Holiday

I refuse to live my life in 9 to 5 prisons
And so in the world my thoughts go
And grow up and grow old and grow or don’t
Today is a national holiday
Today is a day the Lord has made

My Musical Maiden

You have fretboard legs
Long and slender
Responsive to the touch
And liable to sing if caressed

Life Story

Since I came into the world crying
I commit to leaving it smiling

And since I came into the world dying
I promise to leave it living

Excuse me Miss,

I have to know your name because
there is a knoll that overlooks
The path that you were drifting down
I was on it and wondered if it might sound right with mine

Insecurity Guards

I’m fisting the call button like
NURSE can I get some attention
Because I’m sick and tired!

Sick and tired of abiding insecurities and
Bed ridden due to abiding insecurities and
And I’m no longer going to abide insecurity

Insecurity in you or me or her or her or them
Until I realize that its my own insecurity
Which keeps me from shutting them up

Wouldn't wish on my worst enemy

I am careful not to wish on you what you deserve
Humans are prone to rise above adversity
So I’ll pray for the slow death of mediocrity
Breathe deep and drown for 60 years


I want to touch you
So long and familiar
That he skin forgets that he is he skin
And she skin forgets that she is she skin
And we have a beautiful entanglement of we skin
For our we skin to get lost in


He got smudges on his hands like he always did because
he leaded left and
The ink liked it better that way

He handed her a crumpled note with his 10 digit ID
And she said this is fine but
I’d be more likely to remember your face
If you simply came home with me

And as she jammed the note into her pocket with her free hand
She got the still wet ink on her finger tips in
Preparation for smudging herself together with him

I hate you

Why does saying I hate you
With a smile make you feel
So much better about yourself

Let me love you some more

I wonder if I send love through my finger tips
Because I’m used to making all the hollows fill with sound
And all the hallows fill with God

Writing: I love you

What I love about writing is that
I can create universes in six lines or less or just say

I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you


There is nothing like being alone
The fly on the floor to the stars in the sky
Watching the Twinkling Trios take time
Talking in turn
Turning the sky

Where you could yell as loud as you wanted and
And you would only bother Quiet
And maybe Serenity if she is awake

There is nothing like being alone with you