Old Man's Requiem

I could spend the rest of my life looking for a girl as beautiful as you

And would end up starring into the sun and going blind

Just so that I could see you again in my mind’s eye

End of Days

When Styx runs over;

Charon leaves his post,

Hell spews forth its own,

And zombies will roam.

Mocking Bird

I don't know if you've heard,

The sweet little whispers of my mocking bird.
Who mimics the sun's beauty in her hair,
And the oceans depths in her eyes,
And ivory's repose in her skin,
Ecstasy's caress in her touch,
And God's embrace in her love.

Tomorrow's Memories

Lets take a walk dear,
Under late summer dogwoods.
New memory lane.

Summer Actualities

Perspective destroys

thoughts of grandiose self worth.
Just bugs in the grass.


I think I might be drowning in anniversaries.
It's true that I've spent hours
counting past minutes for pleasure;
But I feel like I may have caught a bad case of Sisyphus.

Off the Deep End

I'm tempted to stop
Over thinking all the rules.
Make it, official.

Off the Deep End

I'm tempted to stop

Over thinking all the rules.
Make it, official.

Full Term

I have a folder on my computer

Which is home for miscarried thoughts

And disjointed ideas.

Maybe this will end up there

Or maybe lodged in your ear

Or maybe up my sleeve

Or maybe in your heart

Will Write For Love

If you pay me to write,

I’ll write you: an essay,

Or a sonnet,

Or a play,

Or a news story.

If you pay me to love:

I’ll empathize,

I’ll emote,

I’ll console.

If you pay me to write,

I’ll write you an essay.

But I’ll never write you a

Love song.

If you pay me to love,

I’ll love everyone for you;

But I’ll never love you.

Because I’ve already sold

My heart twice over.

Dime Store Prayers

Please provide a way,

To carry us through this day.

Cuz there’s bills to pay.

As long as we're free

I went to the seer to see,

How much longer it could possibly be.

She looked at me sadly and said,

“Wait any longer and love might be dead.”

I’ve spit out expectations into a jar,

Placed them under the backseat;

In both of our cars.

Paired off like love trees,

On cul-de-sac streets;

Patiently waiting

For our lips to meet.

Sandy Shore promises,

Tempted back to the sea.

If you give me your all

I’ll take it gladly.

The moon be our witness,

The prophet our guide;

With God and with swiftness

You’ll be by my side.

Penny store fetters

Declare that we’re free.

To start life together

However we please.

White Sand

Once upon a time

We meant to boat across the lake;

But we capsized our vessel on the shore.

We fell into each other and found out

Sunken ships

Make for good shade.

We carved out a grotto

With our backs to the shallow keel,

And your platinum hair mixed with the

White sand shore.


There are feathers in my room.

From afar they look like small rainbows,

Emitting from gray pluming clouds.

Up close they appear to be

Brush strokes that only you

Know how to manipulate.

There are feathers on the floor,

There are feathers on the bed,

There are feathers on table tops and in drawer spaces,

There are feathers littered all about and I’m scared to clean them up;

Because I don’t want to forget what they look like.

Beloved Jack

There once was a man twas named Jack,

He spent his whole life on his back,

He was trapped in his mind,

Unthought thoughts to find,

And forgot to consider love’s lack.


Miss is a word which

Is five letters in length and

Tonight I miss you


Do you remember how long we have been climbing?

One foot after another,

Up flight after flight,

Or maybe down flight after flight,

I suppose it doesn’t matter

Have I told you it hurts to climb

Or descend these stairs?

It hurts in my hips

And it hurts in my knees

And it hurts in my ankles

And it hurts in my toes

It’s worst in my toes

Because little boys never ponder

The joints of their toes

But I know all 26 bones by name

But I wont bore you

Did I mention it doesn’t hurt anymore

To climb up and down stairs and

Seemingly take flight

But here’s the thing

I still hate stairs

Why do I feel compelled to


And dance





If the world were to end tomorrow,

And every good intention

Were suddenly due early.

If today was the day that the

Earth would Stand Still,

And no one would notice our absence.

I’d sneak you away to the country,

I’d take you to a field of flowers and braid half

into your hair and the other half

I would make our marriage bed.

We would consummate

the end of the world the

Way it began:

In love.

Taste and See

I used to pray to see angels;

I wanted to admire their fiery swords,

And majestic wings,

And cower in pleasure.

I used to pray to see demons;

I wanted to smell their stink and

Fear in my heart but with my mouth

Stand ever strong.

Now I pray to taste and see;

And so I got my eyes gouged,

And my tongue cut out,

And I’ve never been happier.

The Corner of Beach and Imperial

Black plastic bag floats

For homeless entertainment

A kite with no string

Day Dreamin

I would be lying if

I were not to admit,

That in my imagination,

You have found a home.

Every kiss every touch,

Bit lip and rouge blush,

Has been dreamt a hundred times before.

Lets Not Waste TIme

Time clicks along like

The hammer of a gun which

We’ll play roulette with.

From My Home

There once was a man from my home,

Who dreamed that he was alone,

He changed his address

Surely he was blessed

For he took her heart as his own.

August Afternoon

Sit in August shade

Wind chimes sound like wedding bells

Anthem of our love

Not so Lonely Roads

I have walked the paths of entropy

Mostly devoid of empathy

Girl you’ve been so good to me

For walking lonely roads with me

Autumn Leaves

What wonder it is

That leaves which are moribund-

God's watercolors

Marks of Manhood

Exposed monoliths,

Crash due to commandeering,

George Washington moans.

Uncomfortable Housing

Sometimes I avoid interaction,

I lock myself into cybernetic connection

And digitize my psyche.

I am tired of being a employee at

Emotional baggage claim

And working the roundabout

All hours of the night without pay.

I woke up from a dreamy dream,

And was forced to clock in with another’s name.

Maybe its because its the name on my nametag,

But not on my heart!

I implore my employer,

To let me explore my career options,

Or at least apply for my position.

Lets run away

We left home

Near empty packs

Hopped in our car

And never looked back

We had nothing together

Sharing one name

And two rings worth two bits

A grocery store gain

With smiles like currency

We trudged through the mire

And purchased our passage

For our secret desire

The End is Nigh

We are ineffectual headcases

In armored heart war arms races,

Mass producing defense mechanisms

To protect us from nuclear winter frostbite.

If you take off your demron dress

Then I’ll remove my kevlar body bag;

And we’ll make love to stave off

Root rot from lack of blood circulation.

Where have the noble gone,

Who try to protect anyone but themselves.

Someone passed the buck to someone

Who couldn’t give a fuck,

And the whole world paid the price.

So lets rouse the fire of love

With arousing speech that

Provokes eardrums to

Viva la RevoluciĆ³n!

Lets whisper master plans

Into lovers ears,

In back alley brothels

With no pretensions at all.

Naked nocturnal funeral processions

Carve patterns like snowflakes with snowplows

In fallen fall autumn leaves

Till sunrise remakes our masquerade.

Mountain Climber

Sing praise to mountains,

Lionizing mountaineers,

Arresting moments.

Daily Grind

Absolutes are for

Thinking and liberty for

Living neither save.

Sunday Schematics

I build skyscrapers

With lego sets on Sundays

Since God is resting

Summer Arousing

Thanks for loving me

Despite public luck pressing,

Kisses and touches.

Eight ball

There once was a man from Aloma,

Who traded his heart for a cola.

When spread on his lips,

He gave death its kiss

And met God with powdered aroma.

Liquor Lovers

Moonshine shines in eyes

And firewater bellies

Invite the spirits

Lady Liberty

Militant Police

File reports to no one

Justice weeps raindrops

First Rain

Cool fall breeze kiss toes,

Chilled sweetly by sheets of mist,

Compels them to roam

Banana Pancakes

Banana pancakes

Sizzle over the raindrops

Symphony of Spring


Road signs in white are suggestions,

And I’m suggesting that we run away.

Dress in white dresses and speed past

Naysayers and self proclaimed soothsayers.

You deserve more than shotguns and Vegas,

But I survive on your exhales

And I have phlegm clogging arteries.

I’ll carry you through thresholds

And kiss your secret wishes

I’ll share my name and my namesake

And make you my heiress

Car Kisses

Skin invitation

Sweats yes in late summertime

Not yet my brief bride

Courtship Clockwork

Lets hide in the space

Between second hand clickings

Secret shared moments

Hijacked Heart Murmurs

Telephone lines hang

Low with whispered love letters

Kidnapped Affection