Cat and Mouse part 1

I love you dear

And we have time;

To wake slow to pendulums,

And old men counting dimes.

You told me you love me

But that you are coy,

So I will pursue you,

With you I won’t toy.

“Name your game.” I said,

“Cat and Mouse.” your reply,

So beloved I will chase you,

Across all nine lives


Mud covered boots leave their mark on linoleum tiles,

The combat boots are thrown and bounce around for a moment,

Before finding a spot to rest halfway under the kitchen table.

From this vantage point they view a paradox in motion:

The solider is drunk off war propaganda,

Having drank the molotov cocktails 3 parts hate and 1 part fear;

And she is getting over a bad case of sick with worry,

Having been told by the doctor that there was nothing to worry over

She got high on loss,

A four course score which races through the veins.

But now they take a break and drink in the other,

To hotbox the passion of the moment,

Like a sweat lodge whose purpose is to milk out the poison of war,

They spread out little pills with an “E” on one side and a ;) on the other,

And life becomes livable when there is only one person in the room.

But as quickly as the moment began it ends,

Boots are laced and dried mud cracks off the floor,

The solider leaves sobered,

And the woman stays- a new made mother.

Volatile voluble voluptuous vipers

Words are bone keys which,

Loose bound Muses and Sirens;

Puzzles of word play.


In the corner,


Is a six stringed guitar

With Venetian hips.

She is Sitka above,

And Ovangkol beneath,

A pre mixed mixture of coffee and creme.

Slender and freckled with Mother of Pearl,

Is her




Framed with thin white borders.

She has sung the most beautiful songs,

And wept the most moving elegies,

It is covered in dust.

Smoke Signals

She gently lifts the cigarette to her mouth and

Shelters it from the breeze while she flick

Flicks it to life

Her first drag is long and sultry

Reigniting the end of the shaft

Which meanders towards her lips

But never gets that fiery kiss

The swirl of her exhale carries

More weight than the wind

And sends her demons packing

On smoke shade backs